Developing high-quality liquid-biopsy method for early detection of multiple cancers

Crystalogram is a noninvasive, liquid-biopsy method for multi-cancer early detection (MCED).

Cancer screening is the first line-of-defense in detecting this disease early, and consequently changing its outcomes, dramatically.

​When cancer screening is done using liquid biopsy (blood), in addition to being noninvasive, it can be repeated at regular intervals even if they are relatively short –unlike methods that are based on radiation (e.g., mammogram) and/or utilization of contrasts (e.g., MRI with contrast/Gadolinium).

We introduce Crystalogram as a novel, radiation-free, liquid-biopsy-based, multi-cancer early detection (MCED) screening utility, targeting the majority of the deadliest cancers –some of which do not currently have any conventional screening options.

In order to allow wide adoption as a cancer screening tool, in addition to having a reasonable sensitivity, Crystalogram targets a very high specificity –in the order of 100+ times the specificity of many competing liquid-biopsy methods, which ultimately results in having a high Positive Predictive Value (PPV).

By targeting a remarkably high PPV, Crystalogram is aimed to significantly reduce the number of false positive patients, and hence diminish the psychological burden and the medical work-up caused by false positives that currently exist in many conventional or novel methods of cancer screening.

Three people in lab coats looking at a screen.